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Legal requirements for food outlets

Food outlets are legally obliged to control pests. You can meet this obligation with a commercial pest control contract from Hampshire Pest Control.

We will support you to protect food storage areas, avoid infestations and eliminate any pests that slip through the net.

Protect your customers, staff and reputation with commercial pest control services in Botley and Southampton

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Don't let pests ruin your business

An infestation of pests such as insects, birds or rodents could be devastating for your business. When it comes to microscopic insects such as fleas and bed bugs, the problem could get out of control before you've even noticed it.

Turn to Hampshire Pest Control for one off treatments, regular pest control services and commercial pest control contracts.  If you wish to avoid future outbreaks, Hampshire Pest Control can carry out a survey of your premises and give recommendations on avoidance measures you can take. We also offer 24 hour call outs in the Botley and Southampton area.

Full range of pests controlled:

Commercial pest control
  • Rodents

  • Flying insects

  • Crawling insects

Benefits of a commercial pest control contract?

  • Avoid property damage

  • Maintain your reputation

  • Protect the health of customers and staff

  • Comply with legal requirements


If you are facing something unusual or unidentified, contact us.


If you suspect you have an infestation or rats, take action now! Rats spread many diseases including, Weil's disease, Salmonellosis and Plague. We will survey the site and local area to identify the cause and location of rodents, and then plan an appropriate control method. We use a variety of control methods depending on the specific requirements of the home or business.


If you have a infestation of flies there could be a number of reasons and a variety of control methods. Fruit Flies, Blowflies and Cluster flies are just a few of the species you may encounter. A survey will not only provide a control method but will also find the reason they are there and advise the home owner or business on future control.


We protect bees! If a swarm in seen and does not leave after a few hours we will try where possible to collect and rehome the bees. Occasionally bees will need to be destroyed but we will try every other option first.


Ants do not represent a significant safety hazard but the can drive you crazy. We will locate the nest and destroy it and treat the areas affected to ensure a long term solution. We will use a bait and spray to control these annoying pests.